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Half Price Wings
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Steak Sandwich
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Half Price Apps
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Wing and Rib Combo
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Back Rib Day at St. Louis
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Sundays Special
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  • Half Price Wings
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Half Price Apps
  • Wing and Rib Combo
  • Back Rib Day at St. Louis
  • Pint and A Pound

Best Canadian Franchises for Business and Pleasure

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There are always a lot of options for dinner and drinks in the big city, so choosing the right one can be difficult if unfamiliar with the surroundings. Thankfully, there are simple ‘go to' areas for a sports bar type setting with a welcoming, familiar feel. These places will be the best spots for delicious, bar and grill style food including chicken wings and ribs. They will also be well stocked with many other classic meals and a full bar for that favorite drink.
Rib and wing restaurants often have great deals and specials, offering half price ‘wing nights' and other promotional prices on food and drinks every other day of the week, attracting business during the slower, mid-week days. Some of the other specials offered are:


Get 15 pcs. of boneless chicken served with our signature golden fries and our famous Garlic Dill sauce, plus a 20oz. domestic pint for $16.99.



Get 1 or 2 lbs. of our original wings or boneless served with our signature golden fries and our famous Garlic Dill sauce.



Our famous Angus burger with full garnish served with our signature golden fries for $5.50 and ANY 20oz. DOMESTIC DRAUGHT $5.50!



Order a large beverage and have any starters and shareables for half price!



Can’t decide? Get a half pound of our famous wings or 5 pcs. boneless and a half rack of grilled back ribs served with our famous sauces, our signature golden fries, coleslaw and our famous Garlic Dill sauce.



 3 courses, 3 choices! Choose one starter, one main and one dessert for $20.99 (see server for options)



Perfection. One pound of our famous St. Louis original wings or 10pcs. boneless served with our signature golden fries, our famous Garlic Dill sauce and a 20 oz. pint of domestic draught.


*Taxes extra. St. Louis deals are available only with the purchase of a large beverage. Beverage price is not discounted in association with any special. Available while supplies last. Dine in only. Valid at participating locations only.

Chicken wings are often served with delicious golden fries and specialty dipping sauces like Famous Garlic Dill, paired perfectly with your favorite beer. This combination is perfect after a long day at work or on a night that requires a quick meal on the run.
For the dine-in experience, there are big screen TVs throughout most sports bar restaurants and out on the patio to ensure occupants won't miss any of their favorite teams or sporting events.
The Great Canadian Investment Opportunity
Franchise options are available in many circumstances and provide a great investment opportunity. In many Canadian cities, these franchises are helping to build the economy and at the same time, the communities in which they are located. Franchise fees and royalty percentages are all predetermined and are considered competitively fair. Ranging from four to six hundred thousand dollars in total, a franchise between fifteen and thirty thousand square feet can be developed. The company will determine where and when a new franchise is approved, so direct contact is necessary for details on current opportunities. Restaurant redesign or retrofitting opportunities are also considered and can cut down on the overall price considerably. In addition to the above, the company will provide the necessary tools and information packages to new owners, outlining the recruitment and training policies. This can save a lot of time and money for inexperienced people taking on a new business.
High-quality food, friendly service, and a great place to bring the family or come with friends to watch a game can be found right around the corner. Wings, ribs and burgers are slowly evolving into a Canadian staple and great places to find them are popping up all over. Get out there and dig into a greatly prepared meal for an affordable price or a ready-made, lucrative business opportunity.
We are actively seeking franchise partners for the following 2013 target markets:
• Stoney Creek
• Hamilton
• Brockville
• Kitchener
• Cambridge
• Guelph
• Petawawa
• Belleville
• St. Catherine’s
• Niagara Falls
• Cobourg
• Courtice
Now offering Restaurant Conversion Programs. Please contact us for details.
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